Brixton. Bottled.

Inspired by our hometown, Market Row personifies everything we love about Brixton.

Market Row is a botanical rum, handcrafted in the heart of Brixton, London and infused with flavours of the Market.

A blend of pot still rums from distilleries across Jamaica. Barbados and the Dominican Republic, Market Row is then re-distilled with hand-picked botanicals by our distiller, Matt Servini. It’s then hand bottled and hand labelled here in Brixton.

How we make Market Row

The Blend

We blend five exceptional rums from the finest distilleries in the Caribbean to make Market Row. Each rum brings a different element to the final blend, using a number of different techniques for fermentation, distillation and tropical ageing.


The Botanicals

The botanicals in Market Row enhance the flavours that already exist within this wonderful blend of rums, while also giving it a subtle, yet unusual twist.

Nigerian Hibiscus

Also known as sorrel – this is a very popular ingredient in the Caribbean. They use it to make a number of soft drinks including sorrel squash. This adds floral notes and complexity to the rum.


Jamaican Pimento

Another very common ingredient used in Caribbean cooking, this is one of the main spices used in jerk chicken. The Pimento adds another dimension to the spicy notes on the finish of the rum.


Grenadian Mace

Another favourite in Caribbean cooking, mace has a similar flavour to nutmeg (mace is actually the bright red covering of the nutmeg seed). It adds a warm depth to the rum.


Kenyan Black Tea

While the Kenyan black tea adds a touch of astringency to the palate, it has mainly been added to the blend to create a refreshing aroma.


Madagascan Vanilla

We add vanilla to counteract the harsher notes that come through with some of the other botanicals, such as black tea.


Asian Red Rose

This is one of the botanicals that really separates Market Row from most other rums. You wouldn’t normally find soft, floral notes in a rum but it really brings everything together in our blend.

Brixton Town

We believe in working with and giving back to our local community. We make Market Row Botanical Rum with the support of local people. We buy our ingredients from the thriving trading community. We employ local people to help us build our brand.

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