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April, 2021 | Making Market Row Botanical Rum

Many of you who know me will know that one of my hobby horses is the importance of mixers. Whether that is the water you put in your whisk(e)y or the tonic that goes into your gin. You’re happy to spend your hard-earned cash on a high-quality spirit, therefore you should be equally as demanding with your mixer. For me, there has been no better strap-line than the one invented by Tim at Fever-Tree; if ¾ of your drink is a mixer, then make sure it’s a good one.

So, in the development of Market Row Botanical Rum, we set out to make sure that our rum comes through beautifully in whatever it is mixed with (and we know that it is still going to be enjoyed with coke, even if we feel there are other interesting options). It was important that our botanicals were working in absolute harmony with the flavours of the mixer.

I have been lucky enough to work with three extremely good mixer companies; Fever Tree – who have a meticulous approach to the sourcing of their ingredients, Three Cents – developed by three world-class bartenders who create a really intensive flavour hit (it’s all about the bubbles) and Lixir – the new kids on the block who have pleasantly surprised me with the truly innovative flavours they are developing….and keep on developing.

Our aim is to highlight the flavours that we believe work best with our Market Row Botanical Rum. That’s not to say these are the only ones, there are so many great ginger beers out there, it was difficult to pick one – so we didn’t (although we do like Old Jamaican).

So, in no particular order, here are our top 4 long mixed drinks and why we believe they give you an extra-special long mixed drink:

Our aim is to highlight the flavours that we believe work best with our Market Row Botanical Rum.


Part of the reason that tonics work so brilliantly with gins is that they bring out the more subtle flavours of the botanicals, while also adding a new bitter-sweet element. You would struggle to taste some of Market Row’s less prominent botanicals if you were to drink it neat, but as soon as you add tonic – boom. We love Lixir Blood Orange and Cinnamon because it does exactly this – it accentuates the existing botanicals while introducing new notes of fruit and spice.


We’ve already discussed the positives of Market Row and tonic. While Lixir adds new flavours to the drink, Merchant’s Heart really brings one of our three main botanicals, hibiscus, to the forefront – making it the star of the show. Sometimes, it’s as simple adding more of the same flavour. We think the colour that it generates is beautiful and super-premium


Ginger and rum is a match made in heaven. We played around with a lot of ginger beers when first trying out Market Row Rum. They were all delicious, but we found that ginger ales worked so much better as they suited our lighter style of rum and left room for the more unusual botanicals, such as hibiscus and rose petals, to come into the mix. With Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, you’re getting so many different flavour profiles – fruity, spicy, citrusy, floral all at the same time, but somehow it just works!


Rum and citrus is another one of those flavour combinations that works brilliantly (think daiquiri, mojito, mai tai, the list goes on). There are so many delicious, complex, citrusy elements in Three Cents Bergamot and Mandarin Soda. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking it would take over from Market Row, but honestly this is one of the best combinations we’ve found so far.

You would struggle to taste some of Market Row’s less prominent botanicals if you were to drink it neat, but as soon as you add tonic – boom.

We do have several other favourites; Mikey loves Market Row with a classic Indian tonic, such as London Essence. Being a high-ball drinker, I really like the simplicity of the Double Dutch Club Soda. My mate Chris won’t drink anything other than Schweppes!!

So, what do we look for in a great mixer brand? First – the flavours. Are they interesting enough? Is there a pleasant finish, some sweetness and a balance in the carbonation? The brand – are they genuine. The look (marketers call these the aesthetics), does it provoke envy from your partner and does it generate appetite appeal.

So next time you are at the bar or ordering online, make sure to take a bit of time over choosing which mixer you would like. It’s definitely worth it and you will enjoy your Market Row rum that little bit more.

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