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Brixton Distillery Collaborates with Paul Wayne Gregory, one of London’s leading Chocolatiers

December, 2021 | Collaborations

Market Row  rum is leading the Botanical Rum charge in the UK with our focus on epic flavours, great drinking experiences and creative collaborations. One of our latest collaborations involves us teaming up with Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates to infuse the taste of our botanical rum with Paul’s signatures chocolate truffles.

Marrying the wonders of chocolate and rum together

Our partnership with Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates will help us continue to build on our emerging reputation for super-premium Botanical rum through the production of these rum truffles. We worked together in our distillery tasting various types of chocolate before settling on Paul’s Ecuadorian blend. This style of chocolate provides the earthy taste to complement our botanicals. In hand picking this blend we were able to marry our flavours together and with the slightly raised acidity level he can produce the most rounded of luxury rum truffles.

An award-winning chef and baker, Paul has earned a reputation for being one of the best chocolatiers in the UK. With over 25 years in the industry, he started his career as a baker and built his experience over in Ireland at the Michelin starred Peacock Alley Restaurant.

From there, he continued to build his knowledge by working in France with master pastry maker Jean Valentine and it was this experience that ignited his passion for making chocolates.

Paul then moved back to England and set up his chocolate business. We have loved working with Paul and in many ways his journey is similar to ours

“Being dyslexic, I could not make heads or tails of it. Forecasts, projects etc. I’m a chef! The one thing I knew from travelling and working in these high-end establishments is that quality sells itself. Since then, Paul has amassed several accolades:

  • Winner of 8 gold awards for his Pure Indulgence Chocolate Box
  • Elected member of the Ambassadors Chocolate Academy
  • Personally created chocolates for the Queen’s 80th birthday

It’s Paul’s attention to detail, work ethic and passion that made him the ideal partner for this collaboration.

Paul Wayne Gregory’s Market Row Rum Truffles are available exclusively at www,brixtondistillery.com or by dropping in to Guzzl in Brixton Village

At the Brixton Distillery, we’ll continue to partner with organisations that have a story and a mission that needs to be shared. Another recent collaboration involved us partnering with Black Cultural Archives (BCA) to mark the beginning of Black History Month 2021.We launched a limited edition of our botanical rum that is on sale exclusively through the BCA website.

 If you’re interested in collaborating and spreading the love of rum together then please get in touch using the contact form of email hello@brixtondistillery.com.

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